Next Generation Admin Panel Design based on BS4

Atmos is modern clean admin panel that you will love to use its bundled sass and gulp so you can easily customize. we've created two variants that you can use. Atmos comes with 50 Ready to use widgets which you can use to craft your own admin design.

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Atmos comes with 50 Ready to use widgets that you can use to create your own admin panel

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THE BEST ADMIN THEME !!! Hands down, no questions! The build and design quality are fantastic, the code is easy to work with, flexible and well commented. Oh, and did I mention it's absolutely gorgeous?!?!

But what really puts this theme over the top is it's documentation. So many themes just come with a glorified styleguide, but Atmos comes with real in-depth documentation. It lists every UI element, shows all of the options and includes actual code samples for each. I can't say how helpful this is, even for a seasoned developer. You can pick it up and start building right away!

Amazing work. Thank you!!!


Hey this is awesome Admin Panel, worked with tons of admin panel before but what sets this apart is it's design and flexibility. it has a great design not to forget.

Go ahead you wouldn't be Disappointed with it.

Cheers to developers!!


This is the most beautiful admin theme I have found here on ThemeForest. It perfectly fits how I would love to see an admin panel - the style elements, these little extras that are just beauty for the eyes, the font chosing, even the UX parts - heads down, it took just miliseconds to decide that this will be my first purchase here. It's already perfect, but to make the perfect more perfect, I would love to see some landing pages, that fit the templates style. That would be awesome - but it is already. Thanks for this awesome theme!!



At glance, I can say its beautiful, but it has all the options and features of a huge admin panel and its organized pretty well. just take look at forms, modal pages or even notification they have customized it perfectly.all the dashboards are also different with widgets it takes to a whole new level. above all, it has a great doc you check before purchase.

5/5 Would Recommend. Cheers


i think this theme will be a best seller item in the market.the developer start the item from five thumbs up. may be some missing parts on project. but i can't imagine where will the quality rise. it seems developer will improve the theme very quickly to the top. thanks.

Seglavi are thorough, exact and big thinkers. First I thank you for the hard and selfless work. Quality and Quantity...both were bomb! I am a computer scientist, web app critic and designer, so take it when I say you score 101 percent. I rate you 5 star!